Musakhan Chicken or Musakhan Cauliflower

Sumac brined and roasted chicken thigh (Halal) or cauliflower with caramelized onions. Taboon bread is Levantine flatbread baked in a taboon or tannur 'tandoor' clay oven, similar to the various tandoor breads.
Meat: Musakhan Chicken
Ingredients: chicken, onions, sumac, allspice, saffron, fried pine nuts, and flour.
Allergens: gluten, nuts
Veggie: Musakhan Cauliflower
Ingredients: cauliflower, onions, sumac, allspice, saffron, and fried pine nuts and flour.
Allergens: gluten, nuts


Both served with Arabic Rice and a Winter Fattoush Salad.

The rice includes: Vermicelli and Seven Spice Mix.

The refreshing salad contains: a mix of chicories and arugula with citrus trio, radish, red onion, and pita chips with the perfect pomegranate Fattoush vinegar dressing.