Lamb Shawarma (Omnivore) or Falafel (Herbivore)

Meat: A classic middle eastern dish with all the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine. Our version with spiced, rotisserie-grilled lamb is simply incredible. Served with pita and tahini, tomatoes, and onions. This favorite will have you coming back for seconds!

Ingredients: spiced lamb cooked on the spit, served in a pita with sumac cured onions, tomatoes, and tahini sauce.

Veggie: Falafel is a Middle Eastern fritters made of deep-fried garbanzo beans, often made into sandwiches. Served with a traditional version that cuts the tahini with yogurt for a more refreshing take on the popular Mediterranean street food.

Ingredients: Garbanzo bean fritters deep-fried and served in a pita with tahini salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley in tahini sauce), shredded cabbage, mint, and pickles.