Chicken Tikka Masala OR Baingan (eggplant) Bharta

While the origins of the Chicken Tikka Masal are difficult to pinpoint, it is well understood that the dish has expanded beyond the Kashmir and the Indian subcontinent as is even viewed by former UK foreign secretary Robin Cook as "a true British national dish."

Baingan Bharta is also a popular dish from the subcontinent that appeal to vegetarians with it smoke, sweet, and tart flavors.

Meat (Chicken Tikka Masala): Chicken thighs, tomato, garlic, arbol chilies, fenugreek, jaggery, coconut cream.
Vegetarian (Baingan Bharta): Flame broiled smoked globe eggplant, sweet cippolini onions, garlic, ginger
Served with Zeera Rice and Coconut Vegetable Khorma.