Tiffany Carter - Boug Cali

Tiffany Carter is a chef from the Bayview neighborhood in San Francisco. Always on the hunt for authentic flavors, Carter would sometimes skip school to eat tacos in the city’s Mission District, an exuberant neighborhood with Latino roots and old-school taquerias. She started her culinary career selling plates at her uncle's church. Encouraged by her success, she decided to go to culinary school to learn the cooking techniques and business aspects of the culinary world. In 2016, Carter launched Boug Creole Deli, her homage to New Orleans cuisine with gumbo, jambalaya, and po’boys. The name “Boug” was given to Carter by the Bayview community for the “bougie” type of dishes she would make. She served Bayview customers out of a food truck and did pop-ups and catering — quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite. After landing a licensing deal with the Chase Center to feature two of her dishes, Carter joined La Cocina in 2018, and Boug Cali was born with a menu that reflects a blending of Carter’s Bayview roots, California coast vibes, and her French culinary training.