Nada - Ziyara Cuisine

Nada and her sister didn't start Ziyara with financial strength, nor a huge team. They do it all: shopping, cleaning, cooking, inventory, banking, renting... the list is endless. In their attempts to establish Ziyara, often times they were swimming against the current. However, they persisted and kept swimming because their vision is so strong and clear.

A difficult part of moving between countries for being a member of two cultures is missing the food. Nada was surprised to find that real Lebanese foods like koussa (stuffed zucchini) and bamiyeh (okra stew) were missing from Lebanese restaurants. She missed her food and accessibility to it.

After giving birth during quarantine, she felt extremely alone and became inspired to share her homecooked meals with those who were missing home. She would also love to supply meals to people need accessibility to authentic foods and people who love the thrill of trying new cuisines. They want Ziyara to feel like that trip home where everyone just wants to cook you the best food.