Javier - Javi's

Javier Sandes is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived in the United States for over 10 years. He got his start at a young age when he was expected to help his mother prepare meals for his family as well as 100+ members of his extended family and neighbors. At a young age he had developed a passion for cooking. He ran a small food business in Argentina before heading to the United States to play soccer, or rather futbol as he insists on calling it. After an injury sidelined him he entered the restaurant as a cook, expediter and food server. He spent his time off cooking for friends and became a co-founder of a successful mobile food truck, Primo’s Parrilla, the first ever Argentine food truck which launched in late 2009. Primo’s Parrilla quickly grew serving the masses with slow grilled, Argentine asado and an “empanada of the day” his customers knew to arrive early for.