Guisell Osorio - Sabores del Sur

Guisell Osorio was born in Santiago de Chile. She attended Carondelet high school in the East Bay for a bit until she returned to Chile with her family. She always held on to her dream to make a better life for herself. After just a few months in Chile, she decided to return to the Bay Area - “The Land of Opportunity.” With nothing more than $27 and a dream in her pocket, she returned to the Bay Area to put her plan into action. After several months of exhaustive searching, she realized the only way to get her favorite South American dishes was to cook them herself. Since she was a child cooking next to her grandmother in a small country-kitchen in rural Chile, Chef Guisell always loved watching others enjoy her grandmother's creations. That delight, and the lack of authentic South American food in the Bay Area drove her to ask for her grandmother’s secret recipes. She always knew she had inherited her abuela's talent and love for cooking, so she put those recipes on paper.  Soon thereafter, she informally started her food business, selling her favorite South American foods to neighbors, friends and family. In 2004, after more than a year of preparation (research, testing and culinary and business classes), Chef Guisell formally founded Sabores del Sur (Flavors of the South). Sabores del Sur quickly became one of the Bay Area’s favorite South American food and catering companies, supporting Fair Trade, Locally Grown and Buy Local programs while employing Environmentally Sensitive business practices. Sabores del Sur and Chef Guisell support a number of charities and local clubs and strive to be a positive impact on the community.