Arif - Dill Healthy

Arif was born and brought up in the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. Because of its strategic position on the historic silk route, Kashmir is rich in global cuisine, with huge influences of Persian and Turkish cultures. He was impacted by his Grandmothers’ simplistic style of cooking and his Mother’s attention to detail. He started his career with Taj Hotels and Immigrated to USA in 1999 as a student of Hotel Management in the graduate school of Johnson & Wales University, RI. In his last position at Wolfgang Puck Catering as a District Chef, he was part of the team that put together some very prestigious events, like the SAG awards, Grammys and Oscars.

Post Pandemic the idea of Dill Healthy was born. In 2007 Arif’s father died from a heart attack at an incredibly young age. That made him look at heart health in a new light.  Dill is the queen of all herbs. Dill is also Urdu for heart. Dill Healthy is focused on heart healthy meals influenced by Mediterranean and South Asian flavors.