October 20, 2022

Hi Neighbor!

For those who received the Persian meal last week, we hope you enjoyed it! It was a risk we were willing to take to further enhance and expand your taste buds.  Friendly reminder, please make sure to get out and vote!  We have been actively campaigning with our kids and mindful this election season is very different from others.  Be sure to be the change you want to see in society.
We've also seen a lot of fellow colleagues and restaurateurs, shut down, downsize, and face woes in the face of inflation in the ever changing food industry.  The industry is seeing a major shift, and will require time to re energize and reinvent itself.  Next time you dine out, be sure to be kind to folks. 
We're happy to bring back D'Grobak and their signature bakso.  They are a young family, trying to make a difference not only for themselves, but for their fellow countrymen by sharing their foods and stories.  We hope you enjoy your meal, and till next time, eat and live deliciously!

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