November 26, 2020

Hello Neighbor!

We’ve now traveled through Mexico, Vietnam, Nepal, the Middle East, Jamaica, Thailand, El Salvador, and Japan. We hope you and your loved ones have enjoyed your meals, the stories of the people, and the places they come from. I sincerely appreciate all the feedback to date, and do want you to know your voices are being heard. Some things we have control over, others we do not. We’ll continue to evolve and improve, and want to thank you for your support.

We’ve started rotating chefs and will continue to add new ones into the mix. This week we’ve landed back with Bini, an oldie and goodie! The menu is a bit different, as is the dessert and the chef who made it. Mindful our taste buds are all different, but do hope the experiences and conversations you are having at your tables have also evolved.

Happy eating!

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