August 05, 2022

Hi Neighbor!

We’re back! Our family had quite the adventure this summer.  For both our old and new customers, below are some highlights from our travels.
  • We drove over 9,000 miles, all the way back East - both NY (where I’m from) and Toronto (where my husbands from) then drove all the way back home
  • We stayed, ate, or drove through 33 states 
  • We hit 11 national parks ! Zion & Yellowstone were our favorites
  • We tried a lot of different foods, met tons of new people, reconnected with friends and family, and learned more about our country 
We decided to reopen with Teranga as chef Nafy’s foods are always organic, and always light but filling and delicious.  With all the uncertainty in the world we hope we can sparkle some joy with our service. Till next time, live and eat deliciously!

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